About Me

Me taking a picture in the mountains about Queenstown, New Zealand.  Courtesy of my sister. Some things you should know about Ian Faulds…

I am currently working as a Visual Data Analyst with Google Maps in the Seattle area.  I studied Geography and Canadian American Studies at Western Washington University in Bellingham, Washington and love travelling (having been to 15 countries worldwide) and hiking.  Originally from Reno, Nevada, I  was drawn to the Pacific Northwest for the rain, proximity to the amazing regional cities and Canada.  This has worked out well as I was working for both the Border Policy Research Institute and the International Programs and Exchanges office at WWU, helping people study abroad and learning more about the relationship between Canada and the United States.  I also greatly enjoy maps of all kinds and taking pictures for fun and want to share these hobbies with you, as well as motivate you to explore your world’s amazing locations and cultures.

I primarily use a Nikon D7100 DSLR camera now, but some of my older pictures (and those from trips where I didn’t want to potentially destroy my nicer camera) were taken with my Nikon D50 (now passed on to my sister) and a Canon PowerShot A560 Point-and-Shoot.  Hopefully these posts lead you to future expeditions, but if not, at least these pictures can open a window to other worlds out there!  If you are new to this blog a good post to read is “Where have we REALLY been?“, then browse through the posts in the “Places to go and things to see” tab.


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