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Ian’s Top 5 Souvenirs – #4

By / April 23, 2013

#4 Books While I was studying abroad in Wellington, New Zealand in 2011 I decided to purchase some books representative of the culture.  I had volunteered as a note taker with Vitoria University of Wellington in a class called “Antarctica: Unfreezing the Continent” and at the end of the semester the university gave me two […]


Ian’s Top 5 Souvenirs – #5

By / April 16, 2013

#5 Christmas Ornaments My mum got me hooked on this one.  She had the great idea to collect a little something that represented each country we visited in Europe while we lived there.  That way every year there would be a new set of ornaments to talk about with the family at Christmas while we decorate the tree (or watch […]


Ian’s Top 5 Souvenirs

By / April 8, 2013

Souvenirs.  Everyone collects them from their travels, but everyone’s souvenirs are different.  Many people collect knick-knacks, some people I know decide to collect shot glasses from their travels, others collect playing cards with pictures on them.  I don’t do any of this, so I’ve decided to do a series of posts looking at my favourite reminders I keep from […]