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Longing for Mountains

By / July 23, 2013

Every so often I get this extreme urge to go hiking in rugged high mountains like those in the Sierra Nevada just south of Reno. When this strikes (usually in the middle of the summer every year) it seems to stays with me until I get above 8,000ft (2,400m) in elevation, in the midst of […]


Penguin Place

By / July 14, 2013

Who doesn’t love penguins… honestly?  Well my family does, but we live in the northern hemisphere (where there are no penguins to be had), so while we were in southern New Zealand (famous for its penguins) we couldn’t resist the urge to attempt to view some in their natural habitat.  The Otago Peninsula has two […]


On things with maps (a Duck Lake mini post)

By / July 8, 2013

The main destination on our trip to Michigan was my aunt and uncle’s cabin on Duck Lake, in the town of Interlochen, Michigan. Interlochen’s name derives from its location between two lakes, Green Lake and the above mentioned Duck Lake, as seen in the map I found hanging on the wall in their house. This […]


Milwaukee July 3rd Fogworks

By / July 7, 2013

Every year Milwaukee puts on an hour long fireworks show on July 3rd, part of pre-4th of July festivities.  This year was no different, and my sister and I were to be flying out of Milwaukee on the 4th so we could attend the show with my dad and his girlfriend (who grew up there).  We were […]