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Minnesota: Sunsets and Stars

By / August 25, 2013

Tracy, Minnesota is not known by many people because it is a tiny farming community in the southwestern corner of Minnesota.  However, it also happens to be the town that both sides of Irena’s grandparents live near (within a 10 minuet drive of each other), so from August 15 through 20 I took a trip […]


Sailing the San Juans (Part 2)

By / August 22, 2013

It took me longer to write this post than I would have liked as I just got back from a trip to Tracy, Minnesota (you’ve probably never heard of it) where I hung out on a farm with my girlfriend and her relatives.  As you might guess there was no internet access, and much merriment […]


Sailing the San Juans (Part 1)

By / August 7, 2013

Sorry it took so long guys, but hopefully I made up for the wait, there is even a special addition with this post… A few days ago I was talking to a friend and I found out she had never seen an Orca Whale.  As we are currently living in Bellingham (with access to the […]