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Poo Poo Point Followup

By / November 30, 2013

While discovering paragliders at the end of the Poo Poo Point trail was the most unique part of the hike there were a lot more amazing views to be had as well.  In fact, as I entered a south-facing clearing with Mt. Rainier dominating the skyline I actually thought I had reached the end of […]


Paragliding Poo Poo Point

By / November 27, 2013

Saturday some new friends of mine went on a short hike to Poo Poo Point.  After meeting up with them that evening it sounded like they had a great time, and the views of the area are hard to beat for such a close and short hike.  When I woke up Sunday morning the sun was […]


Seattle… my new home.

By / November 18, 2013

So I’m want to try out a new format this week, one where I post a picture (or two or three) and tell a brief story about what and where it is. Recently I’ve found I haven’t had time to post as often as I used to due to work, and I think this will […]


The tallest (sand) peak: North America

By / November 13, 2013

Great Sand Dunes National Park in Colorado is home to the largest sand dunes in North America, and in 2012 on our trip to New Mexico for a friend’s wedding we hiked to the top of the tallest one… about 750 ft up… and up… and up. If you’ve never gone hiking on sand dunes try […]


Once Upon a Midnight Snowshoe

By / November 3, 2013

This morning was the first time this fall my car windows frosted over, requiring me to scrape the windshield before work. Naturally this summer I had two scrappers, but today I couldn’t find either, so I had to use my REI card from my wallet. On the bright side this frost means the first snow […]