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The Teneriffe

By / March 28, 2014

Exactly one week (one hour off) after arriving at the Boulder River trailhead a nearby hillside gave way, inundating a neighbourhood and closing the highway we drove on indefinitely.  Last week I mentioned all the rain we have recently had more than a few times, including how soggy the soil was.  Soggy soil on an incline […]


A walk through the marsh: Boulder River Trail

By / March 20, 2014

Since my last post it has only kept raining (ok fine, there have been a few days of nice weather and I even brought the frisbee back out, but for dramatic effect let’s pretend that haven’t happened). Originally the forecast for last weekend called for another 1.5in of rain over two days, but the storm came […]


On Rain and Sunsets

By / March 10, 2014

Kirkland has received about 4.5 inches of rain since March 1st.   On average 3.6 inches fall in the ENTIRE month.  Reno (where I grew up) got exactly 4.01 inches all of last year!  That means with all this water, literally everywhere, hiking is has been a little difficult. Other activities have had to fill […]


Photo of the Month: February 2014

By / March 1, 2014

Boy did February go by quick or what!  I just realised it’s now March and I need to pick my favourite picture from last month.  It was a hard decision (as always) with a few standouts, particularly the two fog pictures from Rattlesnake Ridge.  Ultimately I liked the setting and colour seen in my fern […]