Awash on Mt. Washington

Once again the week was beautiful, but the weekend weather was not. The trailhead for the Mount Washington trail is in Olallie State Park, about a half mile east from where I turned around on the Iron Horse trail last weekend.  The Washington Trail Association page for the hike says it is five miles round trip, but Google Maps states four miles one-way, so who knows how far we went.  I chose this trek because the peak is only 4000ft up, so I was hoping it would be below both the snowline and cloud level…


Snow AND clouds, oh my.

I was very wrong on both accounts.  At times the snow must have been five feet deep, but the surface was hard enough we didn’t fall through… much.  After making it most of the way up our shoes were soaked though, which made the rest of the hike less comfortable but we dealt with it as best we could.


The only snow left in parts is on the path…

I’m sure the views are pretty amazing in clear weather, with higher peaks in a semicircle to the east.  We had to use our imagination to unfurl the clouds floating in the valleys and around the peaks.


Creeping mists galore

For a brief time the weather did cooperate as the sun came out the layers came off… only to be put back on about ten minutes later as the mists and drizzle encompassed the area again.


Rock outcrop neat the peak

Shortly after arriving at the peak the hailstorm began.  We took cover under a stand of trees where we found a geocashing box, which brightened our spirits before starting the journey down.  If you wish to do this hike I recommend going in a few weeks, allowing more snow to melt off the trail… unless you want a slightly more difficult hike.


Meltwater marsh

Photos taken 3 May, 2014 with a Nikon D7100

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