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Reserve Eploration

By / July 9, 2014

You’d think with the extended 4th of July weekend we’d be travelling somewhere far away for our weekend adventure, but sometimes you just need a relaxing break with no big plans.  We still wanted to enjoy the excellent weather though, so I was given a tour of the nearby Washington Park Arboretum, just south of […]


Photo of the Month: June 2014

By / July 4, 2014

Last month didn’t involve nearly as many pictures as last month, so in that respect it was a lot easier to choose my favourites.  There were a number of gems, and I really wanted to choose a picture from our trip to Montana, but the composition of one shot from early in the month just spoke […]


A Bitterroot Backpack

By / June 28, 2014

As I alluded to previously, last weekend we took Friday off and headed east to Montana.  The main reason for the visit was the wedding reception for my best friend from Reno and his new wife.  She is originally from the Bitterroot Valley, so what better excuse to get out, visit, and do some hiking […]


Missing Mount Bessemer

By / June 19, 2014

After getting my first glimpse of the Middle Fork Valley from Mount Teneriffe last week I decided we had to explore deeper this weekend.  We also wanted another 10+ mile hike fairly close to home, so we chose the 13 mile Mount Bessemer Road trail. The weather wasn’t looking great, but we decided to head out […]


Day 5: Historic Shetland

By / June 15, 2014

It’s been awhile since my Scotland posts due to work, but we are finally back in the islands again. Our second day on the mainland unintentionally focused on the long the history of settlement in the area. Once again we mainly stayed on the western peninsula, with a slight venture into the central section (map […]


Up Mount Teneriffe

By / June 9, 2014

My first hike back in the Pacific Northwest since holiday was a doozy.  One of my friends and I chose Mount Teneriffe, thinking it was between 10 and 12 miles long.  However, neither of us bothered to read the WTA page for the hike beforehand, and it turned out to be 14 miles with almost […]


Photo of the Month: May 2014

By / June 1, 2014

Sorry for the delay this month, getting back from vacation cause a huge backup of things to do, so I won’t waste any more time. There are many pictures to choose from in May it’s not even funny. I have almost exactly 1000 pictures from my two weeks in Europe, with about 100 more from […]


Day 4: Shetland Welcome

By / May 28, 2014

After sleeping surprisingly well on a rolling ship the third day, we arrived to port in Lerwick at 8:00am.  Our first views of the island from the ship included rolling hillsides dotted with small stone houses, but before we could get there we had to navigate out of the city (small town really). While it was […]


Day 3: Town and Ferry

By / May 27, 2014

My dad arrived in Saint Andrews in the morning on the third day. As it had also been two years since he was last here we decided to hit the main sites; the cathedral, castle, and beach. We didn’t bother going inside the castle grounds due to cost, and my sister said it really wasn’t […]


Day 2: About the town

By / May 21, 2014

Day two has come and gone already.  My sister had a lot of packing to do as she needs to move out of her flat upon returning from Poland, so this day was more low-key (and relaxing) than the first day.  We started with a Scottish brunch at Mitchell’s Deli near the centre of town, which had […]

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