Chipmunks and a New Lens

Last week I read a report of the best fire lookout hikes in Washington and settled on Granite Peak for Saturday’s excursion. At the summit a family of chipmunks decided to join us for a snack and got quite friendly after some coaxing. This provided the perfect opportunity to test out the brand new 50mm prime lens I purchased the night before.


Waiting patiently


Happy snacking

We were very sad when we finished our food and had to leave our new friends to continue our journey back down to the car.


Begging for more



Many more pictures were taken but due to some technical difficulties on my backend I have been unable to upload them. These photos were finished before the system went down so more will follow in the near future. I have also decided to start posting which lens I use instead of what camera. Now that I have three different lenses for my Nikon D7100 I think this will be more informative for those that are interested.

Photos taken 13 September, 2014 with a Nikon 50mm f/1.4 AF D lens

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