Date at Snow Lake

Last Saturday I took a date up to Snoqualmie Pass for a shorter six mile hike to Snow Lake.  The trail is well maintained and is one of the most popular hikes along the I-90 corridor through the Cascades, which also meant a tonne of people out for a jaunt in the mountains.


Switchbacking up the wall

The trail starts gradually climbing from the car park to the base of a cliff, behind which is nestled Snow Lake.  Which meant rapid elevation gain with a grand reward of spectacular views of the snowy lake and the surrounding peaks from the ridge.


First look


The melting surface

From here we continued down to the lake, finding even better vistas along the way.  The sky had just enough clouds to provide some texture and depth to the reflections in the clear water and ice.


Reflections from the shore

The lake is fully surrounded by the high Cascades with many waterfalls tumbling from the snowfields above, feeding the lake the meltwater it needs to sustain itself and providing hikers with amazing natural beauty.


Water water everywhere

We found a small secluded ledge to eat lunch at in relative privacy and debated jumping in the lake.  Unfortunately I completely forgot my swimsuit, and she had nowhere to change into hers.  The water was so inviting though it made it hard to pass up on a hot summer day.


Taking in the crystal blue waters

The water was a perfect blue and so clear you could see the point where the rocks dropped off and the abyss merged into the reflection of the granite peaks to the west.


Snow Lake in its entirety

I had been told about a panorama programme called Hugin and my date kindly offered to make one if I took the pictures for it.  She built the amazing picture above and I can’t thank her enough.  I had such a blast on this hike, it was the perfect start to a wonderful weekend full of good memories.  I really hope we can come back and take advantage of the various camping locations found around the lake in the future, and maybe even plan ahead and go swimming next time too!


Flowers by the lake

Photos taken 12 July, 2014 with a Nikon D7100

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