Day 3: Town and Ferry

My dad arrived in Saint Andrews in the morning on the third day. As it had also been two years since he was last here we decided to hit the main sites; the cathedral, castle, and beach.


Castle Sands

We didn’t bother going inside the castle grounds due to cost, and my sister said it really wasn’t worth the time because it is so small. Plus, Saint Andrews is known as the birthplace of golf, not for its castle.


Saint Andrews Castle

The ruins of a massive cathedral were also on our brief walking tour. Stone outlines mark where the exterior walls used to stand. What sections are still visible probably only account for about a third of the old structure’s floor plan.


Saint Andrews Cathedral ruins

Surrounding the ruins lie hundreds of gravestones, some of the oldest are probably from the 15th Century.



We also ended up getting some delicious ice cream at Janetta’s, which is apparently world famous, not that I’d heard of it before.


Street scene

After a few hours in town we needed to start our journey to the north to catch the ferry in Aberdeen. My dad was still in the Pacific Coast Timezone, so I got to drive much of the way. Back in 2011 I lived in Wellington, New Zealand, and ever since then I’ve been longing to drive on the left side of the road again. However, I never drove a manual while there, and retail cars always take some time to get used to, so a few stalls in the middle of roundabouts might have occurred.


Towers in Aberdeen

Arriving a bit early in Aberdeen gave us the opportunity to explore the city’s coastal walkway. Built on a large seawall, the paved path goes on for miles alongside the beach.


Beach walk

Then it was off to the ferry, where we would be spending the night in a birth. About half of the route travels parallel to the east coast of Scotland, then we moved to open waters for the remaining journey to the Shetlands.


Goodbye mainland

We had no idea what was awaiting us upon our arrival on the fourth day.

Photos taken 21 May with a Nikon D7100

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