Day 1: Fife Coastal Path

My first day in Saint Andrews was full of fun. My sister had one final left to pass, so while she was testing I took off on a jaunt along the Fife Coastal Path (Map).  I started in Saint Andrews (point 79) and ended up walking about 3 miles east past rocky beaches, golf courses, and wildflowers (to about point 76).


Saint Andrews from a foggy beach

The beaches included some amazing folds and loops easily visible from the cliffs and satellite imagery back home.  The Carboniferous sandstone layers were deposited by an ancient delta, and then warped and tilted over time to their current positions.


Carboniferous folds

Some of the rocks showed previous fracturing and cementing, visible as different levels of erosion creating raised seams on the surface.


Seams of rock

On the other side of the cliffs sat golf course after golf course.  Saint Andrews is the birthplace of golf, so this isn’t really a surprise.  The walls enclosing the courses were just over a meter tall on average, and probably existed in some form even before the fairways existed.


Old walls

The trail constantly bounced from sea level to the top of the bluff, and many stone stairs were involved to deal with the elevation changes.


Winding stairway

Of the many pictures of stairs I took these two was my favourites.


Between a wall and flowers

On the way back I found a small memorial hanging on a fencepost.  The cross read “In Remembrance” but no story or name was provided.  I created numerous individuals and reason to explain the memorial, but perhaps this was done on purpose to provide any passerby the chance to remember those lost.


In Remembrance

Back in town I found a building with a two-toned blue facade I had to photograph.  I thought it epitomized Scotland’s history, architecture, and culture, plus I didn’t have any pictures of what a typical building in Saint Andrew’s looked like yet.


Saint Andrews Sailing Club

So there you have it… day one complete.
Onward to day two.

Photos taken 19 May, 2014

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