Day 2: About the town

Day two has come and gone already.  My sister had a lot of packing to do as she needs to move out of her flat upon returning from Poland, so this day was more low-key (and relaxing) than the first day.  We started with a Scottish brunch at Mitchell’s Deli near the centre of town, which had a great atmosphere and “country sheik” decor according to my sister.  It was one of those general store/restaurant/deli type places, and I would highly recommend it if you ever stop by Saint Andrews.


Mitchell’s Deli

On the way home we wandered around some of the university buildings, including one housing a small natural history museum.  The University was founded in 1413 and the buildings around this quad were among its first, so it was pretty neat viewing specimens inside structures around 600 years old.


Ancient quad

Then it was back home for packing and getting caught up on Game of Thrones for a few hours until my sister’s friends began to assemble at the beach for a goodbye fire, made ever difficult by the blustery conditions.


East Sands

Eventually I got the fire started and we enjoyed the flames until the fog and rains started moving in, completely obscuring the nearby church towers and sending whitecaps at the pier.


Rolling in

The photos aren’t as exciting from the second day, and the sky never changed from the monotone grey from the day before, but things are looking up today as we have already seen quite a bit of blue above us.

Until the next time I have internet,

Photos taken 20 May, 2014

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