Flight to Fife

So I’m in now in Scotland. My flight from Vancouver to Edinburgh was pretty uneventful but did include some neat images.  I always forget there is no filter quite like the window of an airplane.


Leaving Vancouver’s beauty behind

The view while taking off from YVR (Vancouver airport) is one of the best I’ve seen from an airport.  This was only my second time doing so, but each time the lighting makes the various city centres stand out in front of the surrounding peaks.  This is just one more reason why I’d love to live in this city.


A set sun still shinning

As we flew farther east the sun quickly started setting.  For a time it appeared to be visible below the horizon due to thick upper layers of clouds diffusing the light.


Last of the sun

Soon after the sun reappeared as the clouds dissipated, but only to be swallowed again by even denser clouds on the horizon.  No light was passing through, so at first I thought it was behind a mountain somewhere in the Northwest Territories, but that would be one MASSIVE mountain.  It never got very dark out as we were near the Arctic Circle at 40,000ft.  After a few hours the sun was back shinning brightly as we passed over Greenland and Iceland… which unfortunately I slept over.  At least I have one more chance on the way back.


The London Olympic site

After a layover at London’s mess of a mall (I mean airport) Heathrow it was back in the air toward Edinburgh.  Then there was a series of bus, train, and bus (which I was 1.5£ short for) to get to my sister in Saint Andrews.


Arthur’s Seat and downtown Edinburgh

After leaving YVR at 8pm local time Saturday I arrived at my sister’s door at 8pm local time Sunday, having travelled about 5,131 miles.  But an 8 hour time difference was thrown in there somewhere so it wasn’t 24 hours of travel.
Now for the real adventure beginning with day one.

Photos taken 17-18 May, 2014

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