On the unexpected…

You never know what you might stumble upon, even in normal everyday activities.  That is the main reason I almost always have a camera on my person.  Today my dad was in Seattle giving a talk at the University of Washington about geothermal energy.  I left work early to make it there on time, but as parking was a nightmare the extra time I had allotted myself for picture taking at the University was eaten up.  I arrived at the talk with seconds to spare and I thought I had missed my only photo opportunity, but that’s just how it goes sometimes and there is nothing you can do about it.


Pink blossoms on a sea-foam Fiat

Typically in academia the visiting professor is taken out to dinner afterward, where further relevant (or not so relevant) discussion is had in a more relaxed setting, so I tagged along with the geology group to a nearby Italian restaurant just off campus.  We parked next to a light green car, which in itself is odd in the world of drab car colours in Seattle.  Sprinkled across the hood were light pink petals contrasting perfectly in the lighting.  I did a double take, stopping in the lot to get at least one picture out of the trip.  Then halfway into dinner we all noticed a faint rainbow struggling to shine through the mist and low clouds.


Tiny prisms in the sky

Over the course of a minute it grew in brilliance until a second smaller one was visible as well.  At this point it was so vibrant I excused myself from the table and wandered outside to take pictures.  It turned out the small section we could see from our table was only a fraction of a complete double rainbow, the first of which was the second brightest I have ever seen.


Double rainbow all the way!

Little did I know that going to dinner would provide me with so many great pictures, most of which occurred after dinner had already started.  This just goes to show you that always being prepared for the unexpected can pay off in big ways, especially in the field of photography.


The red umbrella fells right at home

Photos taken 18 April, 2014 with a Nikon D7100

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