Photo of the Month: May 2014

Sorry for the delay this month, getting back from vacation cause a huge backup of things to do, so I won’t waste any more time.
There are many pictures to choose from in May it’s not even funny. I have almost exactly 1000 pictures from my two weeks in Europe, with about 100 more from the rest of the month. Taking the pictures, attempting to learn Polish (and Scottish English at times), and figuring out various travel networks was the easy part. Finding one picture that really captures my month of photos, THAT is the hard part. This is what I’ve settled on after a plane flight worth of debate…

Number 5: Broch Fence, 25 May
Number 4: End of the Line, 29 May
Number 3: Wedged Boat, 25 May
Number 2: Halt/Stoj, 29 May
Number 1: Flowers and Towers, 30 May

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